Five Year Strategy Document: 2019 – 2024

The charity for the employment of vulnerable people into jobs within the hospitality industry.

Greg Mangham
CEO and Founder OAPA

“Only A Pavement Away”
A Homeless person or Rough sleeper, a Café, a Pub, a Bar, a Restaurant and in the main a job is Only a Pavement Away.

Charity Number 1178082


The UK hospitality industry will be looking for circa 1.3 million employees between now and 2024, of which some 300,000 will be new positions.
The issues around employment within the industry are exacerbated by the potential impact of Brexit and a growing economy in Eastern Europe and the perception by home grown nationals that hospitality is not a credible profession. Not only will the hospitality industry need to replace any loss of EU migrant workers but also ensure that any replacements mirror the attitudes, behaviours and professionalism which is required in a customer focusing service industry.
Forecasts for the future predict an increase in homelessness and rough sleeping due to various reasons including a cut to services and benefits compounded by a lack of housing.
Society is also faced with a growing and overcrowded prison population and a lack of resources to limit re-offending. Many of those serving prison sentences are from a forces background and often gravitate to homelessness.
It is therefore only sensible to look to resolve both problems through one over- arching approach, whilst reducing the ever-increasing strain on government funding required to support those who find themselves in such extreme and vulnerable circumstances. There is also the issue of the “revolving door” syndrome where those who find themselves homeless gravitate to a life of crime, ex-offenders find themselves homeless, vulnerable ex service personnel may end up homeless or in prison and where many youngsters who are at odds with society find themselves either sleeping rough or embarking on a life of crime.
It is therefore both prudent and strategically sensible to explore alternative means of resourcing and associated recruitment pipelines in order to address the impending staffing shortfall facing the industry.


Only A Pavement Away is a charity founded by representatives from the hospitality industry.

Only A Pavement Away will act as the conduit to help those who find themselves vulnerable and/or disadvantaged and are therefore struggling to get into work by:

  • Offering employment opportunities (jobs) within the industry
  • Facilitate training and development programmes, creating capability for work and
  • Offer financial support to overcome the barriers to employment including support with rent and other costs which may hinder stability

The programme will help the Homeless and those sleeping rough including those having to “sofa hop”, vulnerable ex-Service personnel, ex-offenders and disengaged youngsters, many of whom face homeless and crime.

In time the project will extend to those with other vulnerabilities but who with the right support can work within the hospitality industry

Outside of the moral benefits, the project is under pinned by a strong commercial and financial benefit to the hospitality industry, by accessing an as yet, untapped employment pool.

It is important to stress that Only A Pavement Away is not a recruitment agency and focuses solely on helping those on the project find work whilst in some cases offering financial support.


Each category albeit intrinsically linked will be managed by category specific Relationship Manager.

The ethos is based on a very simple concept, that no matter who or where you are, you are Only A Pavement Away:

Homelessness, Rough sleeping, unemployment, despondency, crime/offending, lack of self-confidence, self-belief and/or self-esteem.

Employment, training & development, excitement, career progression, brighter future, stability, security, accommodation, self-Worth, fun, enjoyment and/or a second chance.

Only A Pavement Away will establish a staffing resource pipeline for the pub and hospitality industry. The commercial benefits to all involved are as strong as or compliment the moral ones.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Social Impact Off-Setting!
The same way that all responsible organisations have processes/programmes to demonstrate that they are actively off-setting their carbon footprint, it now time to create a new type of corporate social responsibility activity, that focuses in an innovative way on how we can make an impact/contribution to society, our communities!

This social impact off-setting will enable the pub/hospitality industry to look at how they can make a societal/community based ‘contribution by looking at what actions can be taken that would ‘off-set the social impact’ of:

  • homelessness,
  • ex-offenders and
  • ex-Service personnel 

becoming excluded from society through lack of employment and accommodation.

The commercial benefits of engaging with the project more than justify the venture into these somewhat unchartered waters. There is also the fact that any new employees go through a rigorous return to work process by Crisis and the other charities/ associations involved.

Crisis have worked with Only A Pavement Away from the very beginning of the project and now act as the over-arching charity. Crisis ensure that the standards required to help someone who is homeless return to work are adhered to and are in no way compromised.

Set standards and criteria will also be in place to protect both the new employee and the employer. In most cases the recruitment process overseen by Crisis is more stringent than when a non-Homeless person is employed.

The criteria for entering the Only A Pavement Away programme is stringent and rigorously applied. The four key drivers are:

1. The candidate must be either homeless, rough sleeping, an ex-offender or having served with the military.
2. The candidate must come via a charity and an association involved with those identified above.
3. They must be deemed as vulnerable.
4. The supporting charity/association must have the framework to offer 6-12 support.

The Only A Pavement Away Process
Crisis will carry out a detailed programme taking people from Homelessness and rough sleeping into work through an integrated process involving employers and a network of support.

Clients will receive; an initial assessment, be entered onto the relevant training courses and then prepared for interview. Job brokerage is arranged with 12 months post-engagement support given by Crisis.

A matching/similar process and procedure will be developed and apply to those joining the project from organisations supporting ex-service personnel and ex-offenders.

When attending an interview, the member will be expected to demonstrate four key behaviours:

1. Desire to return to work.
2. Commitment to moving forward.
3. A positive and pro-active attitude.
4. An open and honest approach to the components / vagaries of returning to work in a new environment.

The money raised by Only A Pavement Away will be used to support those returning to work, provide training and supplement the resources required by Only A Pavement Away partner organisations, to manage the project and promote the jobs available. Only A Pavement Away will have partners that purely fund the project and operating partners who offer employment.

Outside of the moral benefits, the project is under pinned by a strong commercial and financial benefit to the hospitality industry whilst reducing the ever-increasing strain on funding required for those who find themselves in such extreme circumstances.

One of the main strengths of the project is that through the agreed processes the employer and interviewer are aware of the candidate’s previous circumstances.

This removes any cause for concern for the candidate when explaining their career history, proving a fresh start. The openness and transparency of the process is a key determinate in forging a bond and sense of honesty between the employee and employer.

On employment the candidate will receive the same remuneration package as anyone else in a similar appointment.

The commercial benefits to all involved are as strong as or compliment the moral ones.

Public Benefits.

  • Supporting homeless charities and organisations involved with ex-offenders and ex-service personnel.
  • Getting people away from living on the streets.
  • Reducing the strain on the public purse.
  • Reducing unemployment.
  • Alleviating the drain on emergency services.
  • Acting as a resource conduit giving people help accessing jobs which are potentially unobtainable.

Charities / Homeless.

  • Supporting charities in their work.
  • Restores self-esteem and dignity of those individuals affected.
  • Helps to remove the stigma of homelessness, unemployment & being an ex-offender.
  • Opens up opportunities in the work place.
  • Facilitates a return to work/a non-street life.


  • Resource supply train.
  • Training and return to work preparation completed prior to commencement.
  • Portrays a positive perception of the hospitality industry as an exciting, professional and worthwhile career choice.
  • Opportunity to work with and put something extra into communities.
  • Strengthens the perception that the Pub is the Hub of a community.
  • Proves a worthy case for fundraising.

Local Authorities.

  • Reduces unemployment statistics.
  • Helps alleviate the burden on local services such as police and healthcare.
  • Takes Homeless people from the streets.
  • Removes a vulnerable source target for criminal elements.
  • Improves the image of the areas/locations involved.



Creating an effective conduit between employers in the hospitality industry and those charities whose main aim is to support the homeless, ex-offenders and ex-service personnel reintegrate back into society.

The Objectives

1. Act as a conduit between the charities/associations and the hospitality industry.
2. Look to support those in vulnerable situations by opening up employment opportunities, facilitating a route into work which was previously seen as prohibitive.
3. Ease the transition into work for those involved in the Only A Pavement Away project by creating a collaborative approach between the applicant and the employer.
4. Provide training & development for applicants enabling them to be more work ready.
5. Supporting accommodation through the hospitality industry for Only A Pavement Away Members.

Our Values

It is crucial to the hospitality industry and those that are vulnerable in our society for us to grow as an organisation.  We must ensure that those within the hospitality industry, the political hierarchy, charities and our customers understand the contribution and impact Only A Pavement Away will have. 

Our values will shape our behaviour, integrity and ultimately what we achieve.

Our values have been designed to relate to all those involved in Only A Pavement Away.


We will never give up on our goal and look at every feasible and ethical way in which to overcome anything that may hinder and/or slow up our programme.  At all times we must demonstrate creativity and adaptability.


To have the ability to relate to the needs of those involved in Only A Pavement Away both employers and candidates.  We must never forget that everyone is equal.


By entering primarily unchartered waters, we will face scepticism and a sense of apathy.  Our duty is to encourage those that may hold these differing views to align themselves and their companies with Only A Pavement Away and our vision of change.


No matter what barriers we face with we must always act with a sense of moral code and principles that enhance, promote the Only A Pavement Away project which has been created.


Ensure that Only A Pavement Away has the financial, legal and operational governance, to succeed in its goals whilst sustaining its longevity.


Our priorities for 2019-2024 reflect the issues surrounding employment and retention within the hospitality industry and the growing numbers of vulnerable and disadvantaged people within our society.

To set up a sustainable non-profit organisation within the hospitality industry to provide opportunities for recruitment, training and housing for the homeless, ex-offenders and/or vulnerable ex-service personnel enabling them to reconnect with their communities as well as providing future employees for the Hospitality industry.

Only A Pavement Away will act as a conduit and focus solely on helping people from vulnerable situations get into work whilst supporting those involved return to an independent lifestyle.

Strategic Goals.

1. Deliver a finely tuned employment network which has the processes to protect both the employer and the candidate.
a. Establish a network of support workers throughout the U.K in order to support the members of Only A Pavement Away.

2. Be the leading force in the hospitality industry for employing those from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds.
a. Act as a preventative solution to those in danger of potentially entering homelessness, crime, destitution and /or vulnerability.
b. Work with school and college leavers who maybe disenfranchised and introduce them into the opportunities offered by working in hospitality.

3. Influence opinions and strategy on improving the image of the industry.
a. Promote the positive impact and contributions the industry has in and on the community in which it serves.

4. Create a sense of self belief and positive fulfilment for those facing a future without hope.
a. Act as a preventative solution to those in danger of potentially entering homelessness, crime, destitution and/or vulnerability.

5. Have in place a formalized plan for funding to accommodate the growth of OAPA over the next 5 years.
a. Strategic
b. Donations
c. Category specific
d. Philanthropist

6. Develop the people and systems involved in sustaining the work Only A Pavement Away undertakes.
a. Applicant tracking system.
b. Counselling network.
c. Helplined.
d. Life skills pack.

7. Establish a tactical plan for sustainability and growth between 2024-2030.

8. To have a communications strategy which enhances the reputation of Only A Pavement Away whilst maintaining high levels of interest.
a. Newsletter.
b. Ambassador network.
c. Membership
d. Point of Sale and Merchandising.

9. A marketing plan which looks at positioning Only A Pavement Away as a recognizable brand.
a. Route to market.
b. Asset management looking at resources, capability and long term growth.
c. Brand positioning.
d. B2C.

10. Drive all charitable activity regard to getting vulnerable people into employment through one conduit.
a. Create career opportunities for those who may not be able to access them due to circumstances and perceptions.
b. Be recognized as a pathway for those seen as vulnerable to reintegration into society.



Greg Mangham – Founder & Chief Executive of OAPA

Ben Stackhouse – Owner & Founder of Pub Love

Tony Sophoclides – Chair. Strategic Affairs Director Hospitality U.K

Dulal Ahmed – Employment Services Manager Crisis (Homelessness)

Matt Wyatt – Treasurer. Senior Partner at Wellers Accountants

Robert Humphreys – Advisor to the Pub & Restaurant Industry

David Apparicio – Company secretary. CEO The Chrysalis Foundation (Offenders)

Julia Thurston   Associate Freeths Solicitors


Dawn Redman – Founder & Owner of Hospitality jobs UK
James Hacon – M.D. of Think Hospitality
Paul Campbell – M.D. of Hill Capital
Nick Miller – Consultant
Ian Cassie – Owner The Black Arts Company
Sharon Dickinson – Founder at Sales & Events
Tim Foster – Owner Yummy Pub Company
Katy Moses – Founder & Owner KAM Media
Maureen Heffernan – Managing Director at Leisure PR & Communications Ltd
Dan McKernan – Director at Savills.




Our Partners

  • Crisis
  • Centre point
  • End Youth Homelessness
  • Caritas Anchor House
  • Thames Reach
  • Providence Row
  • House of St Barnabas
  • Fat Macys
  • Langley House
  • St. Mungo’s
  • DENs
  • Novus
  • Sodexo
  • Weston College
  • The Right Course
  • Cleansheet
  • Tempus Nova
  • Walking With The Wounded.
  • Royal Marines Charity.
  • Poppy Appeal
  • Stoll
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • Ingeus
  • Central London Works
  • Have a Heart
  • Streetsmart
  • Future Living (Herts)
  • Tap Social
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Cook
  • Pecan

  • PubLove
  • Yummy
  • Greene King
  • Hand Picked Hotels
  • Brewhouse & Kitchen
  • Youngs
  • McMullens
  • Beds & Bars
  • Fullers
  • MacDonald Hotels
  • Craft Union
  • Malmaison Hotels
  • Franco Manca
  • Whiting & Hammond
  • Pizza Pilgrims
  • YEO
  • Ivy Collection
  • Oakman Inns
  • CH & Co
  • Red Mist Leisure
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • Top Golf
  • Petersham Nurseries
  • Honest Burgers
  • KCM Pubs
  • Baxtor Storey (McKinseys)
  • Mission Mars
  • Coaching Inns Group
  • Gaucho Restaurants
  • Bermondsey Pub Group
  • Royal Lancaster Hotel
  • Casual Dining Group
  • De Vere Hotels
  • Wellers.
  • Freeths.
  • InaPub
  • UK Hospitality
  • Hill Capital
  • Barclays
  • Harri
  • Rowledge Associates
  • Hastee Pay
  • Leisure P.R
  • Hospitality Jobs UK
  • CPL
  • Hit Training
  • Pennies
  • Venners.
  • AG&G
  • Hospitality Action.
  • Licenced Trade Charity.
  • British Institute of Innkeeping
  • The Corbett Foundation
  • The Chrysalis Foundation
  • Appetite 4 Recruitment
  • Beond
  • Association of Valuers Licenced Property
  • Purple Flag
  • Brewfitt
  • Christies
  • Portman Group
  • ABK
  • Think Hospitality
  • BBPA
  • Savills
  • Sky

APPENDIX A: OAPA Trustees Team Member Profiles

Greg Mangham CEO Only a Pavement Away (OAPA)

In 2002 after having spent nearly 25 years in corporate life culminating in being an Operations Director Greg started his own Pub business. On the sale of this in 2005 Greg set up Resolution Leisure, a consultancy working in the pub, leisure and hospitality industries. Greg has also worked alongside a leading Corporate Financial Advisory Company and Private Equity with the aim of setting up a hybrid Pub Co.

In 2018 Greg founded Only A Pavement Away, a charity whose purpose was to help the homeless, rough sleepers, ex-offenders and VETs find work in the hospitality industry.

Greg sees the industry as a key component of people’s leisure time and works with various hospitality associations.

Tony Sophoclides Chair Only A Pavement Away – Communications Director U.K Hospitality

Tony Sophoclides is Director of Communications for UK Hospitality, a trade association formed in early 2018 by the merger of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers and British Hospitality Association.

A public affairs and media specialist, Tony has a strong background in consultancy, as well as having worked for more than eight years in Parliament and a spell on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. He was previously a researcher for a number of backbench MPs and political adviser to Rt Hon John Prescott MP in both opposition and government.

Tony has a MA (Hons) Distinction in Diplomatic Studies and a BA(Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He is father of two adult daughters. He enjoys live music but his own attempts to play the guitar and double bass are yet to attract a paying audience.

Ben Stackhouse – Owner & Founder of Pub Love

Ben is the Founder & CEO of PubLove, a London based pub hostel company.                PubLove deliver a unique accommodation experience, genuine hospitality and the buzz of the London food and drink scene on their mission to love pubs back to life.

Ben grew up in hospitality, first in a family run pub, then a hotel in Torquay, so it’s in his bones.  He founded PubLove in 2007 using family savings and his credit card. Over the next 10 years Ben grew PubLove to 6 London locations.

In 2017 PubLove became a managed partner of the EI Group (formerly Enterprise Inns).  This partnership provides PubLove with the investment and new site opportunities to help deliver its vision of creating a National Pub Hostel brand. Alongside growing PubLove, Ben is a husband, a father of two, a mentor, an investor and a keen supporter of the hospitality industry.

Dulal Ahmed – Employment Services Manager Crisis (Homelessness)

Dulal has over 20 years’ experience supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people to progress and achieve their goals. The last 12 years have been specifically supporting people into employment. Dulal is currently Employment Services Manager at Crisis and has been involved with OAPA from the onset and brings his experience and knowledge of the sector to the project.

Julia Thurston – Associate Freeths Solicitors.

Julia qualified as a solicitor in 2011, and since qualification has worked as a real estate lawyer solely advising clients in the hospitality sector.  Her national client base includes tenanted and managed pub companies, casual dining operators and hotels.  She chose to become a trustee in order to contribute what small part she can to assisting the disadvantaged in progressing into employment within the hospitality industry.

Matt Wyatt – Senior Partner at Wellers Accountants

Matt works in the London and Oxfordshire offices, advising a diverse portfolio of clients. He has a wealth of experience providing compliance and advisory services to the hospitality and charity sectors. Matt’s approach is to work closely with clients to understand their organisation, history, aims and ambitions to deliver advice and solutions that add value to their operations and guide their future development.

Matt started his career at Wellers as a trainee accountant in the Oxford office in 1999. He gained the ACA qualification in 2004 and went on to become a partner at the firm 7 years later. Today, he also acts in the role of Finance Director for Wellers. In his spare time Matt has a passion for music, both listening and performing, and is a keen golfer.

Robert Humphreys – Consultant & Advisor to the Pub & Restaurant Industry

Non-Executive Director, Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and Chair of its Policy Committee;  Vice-Chair, Best Bar None, the UK’s on-trade alcohol retailing standards promotion organisation; a director of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and a trustee of the National Brewery Heritage Trust.

Previously, Secretary to the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group at Westminster and to the British Beer Club in the European Parliament from 1993 to 2014; prior to that a twenty-year career with Bass, culminating as Director of Public Relations for its brewing division.


Parliamentary Beer Club Beer Tax Inquiry, 1995

Licensing Law Reform Panel Report, 1999

Community Pub Inquiry, 2008

Beer Tax Fraud Inquiry, 2012

David Apparicio – Founder and CEO Chrysalis Foundation

An experienced Learning & Development professional with over 20 years of strategic HR and training project management experience in Royal Mail.

Creator of the Chrysalis Programme, a Personal Leadership and Effectiveness Development Programme designed to provide a guide for change that goes beyond rehabilitation, and into engagement and re-integration.  Our aim is to stimulate new thinking and attitudes, enabling participants to own and drive sustainable positive change in their lives, helping them to move away from reoffending.  Runner-up 2017 National Lottery Award for Education.

Justice of the Peace (Magistrate since January 2004) and Sponsor/Judging Panel member for The Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Re-Integration.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts…(RSA), Fellow of the Institute of Occupational Learning (ITOL), Courvoisier The Future 500 member and former Chairman, Director, Fellow of the British Institute for Learning & Development (The BILD) 2008 – 2017.

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