Meet the team.

Made up of a diverse team of experts and specialists in their fields, the Only A Pavement Away team is dedicated to making a difference by helping to place those facing or experiencing homelessness into long term, stable employment.


Tom Aikens +

Tom Aikens

Highly acclaimed inspirational British chef
Joshua Jarvis +

Joshua Jarvis

Founder, Wing Shack Co
Luke Mabbott +

Luke Mabbott

Public figure
Major ‘Scotty’ Mills +

Major ‘Scotty’ Mills

Royal Marines Retired
Emma Osman +

Emma Osman

Actor & Performer
Kieron Richardson +

Kieron Richardson



Dulal Ahmed +

Dulal Ahmed

Employment Services Manager – Crisis Trustee
Steven Alton +

Steven Alton

CEO, British Institute of Innkeeping
Fiona Eastwood +

Fiona Eastwood

Chief Operating Officer of Merlin’s Midway Attractions Trustee
Andy Hornby +

Andy Hornby

Chief Executive Officer - The Restaurant Group Trustee
Jennie Koo +

Jennie Koo

Head of Operations Risk Management at Capital One Trustee
Greg Mangham +

Greg Mangham

Founder & Chief Executive Trustee
Emma McClarkin +

Emma McClarkin

Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association
Paul Pavli +

Paul Pavli

Exec Director, Consultant – Hospitality & Leisure Sector Trustee
Tony Sophoclides +

Tony Sophoclides

Strategic Affairs Director – UK Hospitality Trustee
Ben Stackhouse +

Ben Stackhouse

Founder & Owner of PubLove Trustee
Maria Stanford +

Maria Stanford

People & Talent Director at WSH Trustee
Mollie Stoker +

Mollie Stoker

Deputy Group General Counsel for the Ocado Group Trustee
Matt Wyatt +

Matt Wyatt

Senior Partner – Wellers Trustee

Our Leadership Team.

Will Andrews +

Will Andrews

Employment Coach
Hannah Barnett +

Hannah Barnett

Relationship Manager
Olivia Capell +

Olivia Capell

Relationship Manager
Dolores Panetier +

Dolores Panetier

Head of Employment Partnerships
Tanja Veselinovic +

Tanja Veselinovic

Administrative Support Officer
Karen Wallin +

Karen Wallin

Head of Marketing & Fundraising


Nicola Bates +

Nicola Bates

Director of External Affairs for the Portman Group
Dawn Bowstead +

Dawn Bowstead

Founder & Director of Hospitality Jobs UK
Paul Campbell +

Paul Campbell

Founder – Hill Capital Partners LLP
Kate Groves +

Kate Groves

Communications & Engagement Consultant
James Hacon +

James Hacon

Managing Director – THINK Hospitality
Katy Moses +

Katy Moses

Managing Director - KAM Media
Lina Olea +

Lina Olea

Founding Director of Cafecito Ltd
Mark Stretton +

Mark Stretton

Managing Director, Fleet Street Communications


Nick Clover +

Nick Clover

Founder & CEO Appetite 4 Recruitment
Sarah Swaysland +

Sarah Swaysland

Founder, The Volunteer Idea