Joos partners with Only A Pavement Away to further its effort to end homelessness.

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  • 3 Feb 2022

Joos has officially partnered with Only A Pavement Away, a charity dedicated to finding and securing employment for those who are struggling to find a home, in the hospitality industry.

Fighting homelessness is an incredibly important issue to the Joos Team and we are always thinking of ways to incorporate this into our work. The company was launched during the pandemic, when unemployment rates soared and homelessness was on the rise. Currently, there are over 160,000 homeless people in Britain and the situation is set to get worse, unless we take action.

The majority of Joos locations are hospitality venues – pubs, bars, restaurants, and more. Now, we are working with these venues to ensure that every time someone charges their phone, a portion of their rental fee will go to Only A Pavement Away. In addition to this, Joos will continue to donate 1% of its total revenue to those under the poverty line – we're currently working with Crisis, another charity which works with Only A Pavement Away and aims to end homelessness. The cumulative impact of such positive actions by the Joos Team can make a big difference to those in need. Every charge translates to the well-being support, training, and emergency support needed to get people permanently off the streets.

"So pleased to be partnering with Joos, not only is the technology one that will prove useful to those who forget to charge their phones before going out it will give added security when returning home alone from an evening out. Another conscience partner for Only A Pavement Away." said Greg Mangham, Founder & CEO of Only A Pavement Away.

“Wherever possible, we want to use our platform for good,” Josh Baah, Joos’ Co-Founder, stated.

“This is a great way of supporting the fight against homelessness while helping the hospitality industry. We cannot wait to see where this partnership takes us and the real-life impact it will have on people’s lives.”

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