This year we are running, walking, hopping, skipping and jumping for 24 hours - with a goal of getting as far as possible, with prizes for the furthest team and highest fundraising total achieved.

Ideally, each team should be comprised of (max) 24 team members each doing 1 hour each over the 24 hours or have multiple team members doing 2 or 3 1-hour slots or as many as they can muster, meaning you will require less team members and could have a team of 12. If you have a smaller team let us know and we can potentially hook you up with another team to make up the numbers.

Each team member can put in their miles by walking, running, skipping, hopping - whatever you can do on their own two feet (no cycling allowed!).

When is it taking place?

The first runner or walker will set off on Saturday 4th May at 12pm, and then they will pass the (virtual) baton on to the next team member who will walk or run for their hour slot. The final slot will be Sunday 5th May at 11am (ending at 12pm).

You do not need to have someone running/walking at every time slot within the 24hrs, this is optional, but obviously, if you are in it to win it, the more slots filled will mean more mileage being covered!

How can I participate?

Team members can use treadmills and/or an outside location to walk or run. For safety, we would only recommend using any outside destinations during the day – unless it is your garden! This is not a licensed event; This is designed to be a VIRTUAL, safe and inclusive event for your team to come together and have fun whilst raising awareness and funds for Only A Pavement Away.

How will it be tracked?

We will be tracking each team’s activity using My Virtual Mission. Once your team is registered and your entry fee paid, you will be invited to join the Mission via a link.

My Virtual Mission will enable you to record your miles and see how everyone on your team and the rest of the teams are doing via a leaderboard. Recording your mileage can also be done through most fitness watches or phone apps such as Strava. We will help to onboard your teams to the platform.

How do we sign up?

In a team of maximum 24 people, we are asking companies to pay a £240 entry fee. The entry fee will need to be paid via your team's Just Giving page (which can be set up by clicking on the link below). The entry fee helps us to underwrite the cost to use the My Virtual Mission platform.

We are acutely aware of the current cost of living crisis and so we are asking each team member to aim to raise a minimum of £10, with an option for companies to match their team member's donations.

Please register your interest with the 24hr Virtual Race team leader Marcus below:

TIPs for running in the dark.

It’s never safe running in the dark, but here are some suggestions to make it safer:

  • Wear clothing that illuminates with car lights.
  • Run in the direction of traffic on the side of the road.
  • Wear a headlight or flashlight to make yourself visible to traffic and other pedestrian.
  • Slow down when traffic is approaching and move as far off the shoulder as possible.
  • Wear trail shoes if there is snow or slippery areas.
  • Select a running route that has streetlights and tell your significant other what route you are taking, just in case.
  • Select a running route that doesn’t go far away from your home, consider doing smaller loops.
  • Take your cell phone if you need the significant other to pick you up somewhere or if you feel in danger.
  • Take a running buddy if that is possible.
  • Otherwise, us a treadmill in a gym.