Winter Warmth will return next year even bigger and hopefully lockdown free and we look forward to seeing you all then!

Dates confirmed:

SCOTLAND 11th March
LONDON 10th November
BRIGHTON 12th November
NORWICH 19th November
MANCHESTER 24th November


We are looking for donations of coats, clothes, sleeping bags & toiletries.


Despite us having to change the way in which we ran our Winter Warmth Campaign this year due to lockdown, we want to thank and pay tribute to everyone who still donated items and helped to distribute all the goods to hostels and charities for onward distribution to those in need!  

With thanks to the support of our Winter Warmth Partners, Supporters and to the generosity of members of public, we were able to distribute 1500 flasks, 1500 backpacks & 1500 gloves as well as 1600 items of clothing and 23,000 food pouches across London, Brighton, Manchester and additionally Norfolk.  All with an estimated value of c £93,000.

A special mention also to Jonathan Childs of The Garden House Pub in Norwich who helped co-ordinate distribution of OAPA flaks and 3,000 food pouches to local charities across Norfolk including hostels, council outreach teams, soup kitchens, a veterans project and to the local Red Cross helping to support local families facing hardship due to COVID.

Being part of the winter warmth campaign has been an honour and a privilege ! We have handed flasks and food pouches out to soup kitchens, homeless hostels and veterans charities and the response has been very positive.  The meals which are ambient are great for those most in need full of calories and vitamins, we distributed these meals to hostels soup kitchen a Xmas stocking appeal for the local council and we use them for our foodbank and it would be great to have more of these I fear a long hard winter is on its way.  We also gave 50 the local city council too so they can really help those in most need   We are but a small cog in a big wheel of kindness we are like the quarter master directing help where it is needed working with the local authorities the local charity’s and helping many people – So that’s a great big thank you from Norwich and Yarmouth to the Only A Pavement Away team!

Jonathon Childs

Manager, The Garden House Pub, Norwich

I just wanted to send a big thank you from the residents of YMCANL for the puffer jackets. We handed them out today and they all went within 30 minutes. Please feel free to send us some more if you have any. It was the perfect thing now that the weather has suddenly turned cold.

Lucy Brotherston

YMCA North London


Winter Warmth will return next year even bigger and hopefully lockdown free and we look forward to seeing you all then!

Dates confirmed:

LONDON 10th November 2021

BRIGHTON 12th November 2021

MANCHESTER 24th November


to the following supporters who have signed up to support the Winter Warmth Day this year:



Billy Gibbs


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Food Pouches c/o Vestey Foods @ c£66000

Flasks @ c£12250

Back Packs @ c£6000

Items of clothing @ c£10500

Pairs of new gloves c/o of Top Golf @ c£2400

Pairs of new gloves c/o Twisper @ c£4500

Pieces of cutlery @ £14250



Companies wishing to get involved, or financially support the charity through charitable donations are asked to contact Greg Mangham on: