Purple Flag & ATCM
Purple Flag aims are to raise standards and broaden the appeal of a Town/City centres in the ENTE. Purple Flag is the benchmark for good night time destinations. Town and city centres that achieve a Purple Flag will be those that are safe, diverse, vibrant, appealing, well managed and offer a positive experience to consumers.
The ATCM (Association of Town and City Management) who deliver the Purple Fag programme are the respected voice for town and city management at both a European and wider global level. A non-profit organisation with members that come from the Public, private and third sectors. They include key stakeholders ad thought leaders who develop and implement shared visions, strategies and action plans for town and city centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Have a Heart give Smart Campaign
Is an interactive campaign intended to raise awareness of homelessness and street begging and to provide options other than giving money directly to those on the streets. The initiative seeks to raise awareness by encouraging conversations about the issue of homelessness/rough sleepers/street begging within the local area, educating the public about the issues and resources available as well as including the broader issues around street safety and that it is acceptable and for the best to say ‘No’.