In 2007 against a backdrop of 49 pub closures a week, armed with a passion and mission to love pubs back to life, PubLove was born.

To take advantage of the vast amount of underused space upstairs, we made the decision to open up backpacker hostels on the upper floors and use the additional income to refurbish our pubs and love them back to life.

Our Burger Craft kitchens and an excellent range of London focussed drinks complete the transformation of our wonderful pubs into neighbourhood treasures and hubs of the community.

Topping it all off with our awesome team of PubLovers, who ensure the pubs are friendly and vibrant places for people to experience the wonderful world of the great British pub.

PubLove is a unique accommodation experience, genuine hospitality and the buzz of the London food and drink scene in a pub… In lots of pubs!