Oxford graduate, film producer . . . anyone can end up on the streets

by Dec 3, 2018News

Christina Lamb, The Times’ chief foreign correspondent, reports on conflicts and disasters around the world, but is shocked by the rise in homelessness here in the UK. Their appeal, with Crisis, aims to give people in trouble some Christmas cheer and long-term help.

It is the countdown to Christmas in Europe’s largest shopping centre. Under Westfield’s starry lights, rosy-cheeked shoppers are popping in and out of famous brand-name stores such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Apple, laden with beribboned shopping bags.

Across the road, in the old Stratford mall, Kevin, 48, puts down his very different bags. Inside is literally his life — a few clothes, a towel, wet-wipes and a phone charger. “Not much, is it?” he shrugs as he lays out his sleeping bag on a sheet of cardboard then places his spare pair of jeans between them, joking that this is “homeless ironing”.

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