OAPA/MoJ Press Release

by Jul 14, 2018Press Releases

Only a Pavement Away: Creating an effective conduit between employers in the hospitality industry and organisations supporting the homeless, ex-offenders and ex-service personnel. We are helping individuals reintegrate back into society through employment and giving individuals a fresh start.

In order to progress and develop our strategy strand of employing category C and D ex-prisoners, Only A Pavement Away (OAPA) led by CEO Greg Mangham and David Apparicio from the Chrysalis Foundation met with the Offender Employment Team at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Caroline Drummond of social justice charity Nacro, Dominic Headley from Dominic Headley Associates and Lady Val Corbett from the Corbett Network which links 35 CEOs of major rehabilitation projects together.

The meeting allowed OAPA to set out our strategy to facilitate the employment of ex-offenders in the hospitality industry. OAPA will work with offenders in prisons, establishing industry-led training programmes to get prisoners ‘work ready’ and increase their employability once they are released. OAPA will also encourage businesses to offer job placements to offenders released on temporary licence (ROTL). This way enables prisoners to gain work experience, confidence and capability prior to release a while they are developing a relationship with the potential future employer.

Whilst much is still to be discussed, OAPA in conjunction with U.K Hospitality will drive this industry-led programme providing jobs for disadvantaged people throughout the UK.

You can find out more about Only A Pavement Away here, and read about the MoJ’s offender employment initiative here.