The Hospitality Virtual 48hr Relay is a team event and means participants running or walking in 1 hour time slots one after each other.

As this is a lockdown event, participants can choose to run or walk ‘virtually’ anywhere in this country or in the world.

Team members can use treadmills and/or an outside location so long as they are following current and local Covid rules. For safety we would also only recommend using any outside destinations during the day – unless it is your garden! This is not a licensed event; This is designed to be a VIRTUAL, social, fun, inclusive event; all whilst following local Covid rules.

Each team member will need to record their mileage with their team captain who will complete a spreadsheet and send to the event organiser. Recording your mileage can be done through most fitness watches or phone apps such as Strava or Map my Run or Runkeeper.

The first runner or walker sets off on Friday noon, each runner or walker runs or walks for 1 hour, once the 1 hr is completed the next runner or walker starts. The last runner or walker completing their 1 hr slot on the Sunday 12 noon. You do not need to have someone running/walking at every time slot within the 48hrs, this is optional, but obviously the more slots filled will mean more milage being covered.

If you don’t have enough people to each fill the 48 hr 1 hr slots i.e. you only have a team of 20, why not join up with other hospitality businesses in your area to create a larger team or get in touch with the Event Organiser (below) and they will help in pairing your team up with another team to create a larger team! BUT remember 1 person can run more than 1 slot over the 3 days ie Friday 12pm, Saturday 12pm and Sunday 11am.

The Event organiser, Milestone Recruitment will collate all the results and do the admin.