CPL Training
CPL Training Group is one of the UK’s leading training and development companies, serving 1.2 million online users, 30,000 annual face-to-face learners, and 200 corporate clients.

We are a trusted partner to businesses in the licensed hospitality industry, where we provide face-to-face training, licensing services, training and development software, data analytics, and online business applications.

We work side-by-side with a diverse and loyal customer base, ranging from individual licensees to large pubco businesses. As a business, we champion a blended approach to training and development, so all of our clients have traditional and modern training methods at their disposal.

Daniel Davies, who formed the original business 25 years ago, is the chief executive of CPL Training Group. He is responsible for implementing the board of director’s strategy and has led the transformation of CPL into four separate brands: CPL Training, CPL Online, abv Training, and UK Legion Marketing. In 2009, CPL Training Group was formed as the parent company of all divisions.