The Chrysalis Foundation

Many of those released from prison go on to reoffend within one year. So imagine a development programme that engages, inspires and compels individuals to make meaningful and sustainable change in their lives.

“There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to become a butterfly.”

This belief drives The Chrysalis Programme, and helps us to provide a guide for change that goes beyond rehabilitation, and into engagement and re-integration.

The Chrysalis Programme helps people learn how to do things differently, and better. We create capability.

Our unique approach, The Chrysalis Programme, is a world class Personal Leadership and Effectiveness Development Programme. Chrysalis aims to stimulate peoples thinking, attitude, social capability and capacity.

We enable those that work with us to think more positively, creating self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence, self-motivation and hope.

What other say about the Chrysalis Programme

“David, I just wanted to take the opportunity to offer my continued support to you and to The Chrysalis Programme in the UK.
When I first heard about the programme I was excited by the potential, and the fact that you have maintained the
momentum since then is a great tribute to you, and those who have supported you.
We at Franklin Covey offer you our support and our best wishes to make a great success of this initiative”
Dr Stephen R Covey

“I am delighted that the Six Thinking Hats is being used with impact on peoples’ lives and futures
within the Chrysalis Programme and pleased that it is part of this innovative programme”
Dr Edward De Bono

“I would very much like to report on my visit last week to witness the Chrysalis Programme at first hand.
I have to say that this was probably the most inspirational day of my life and echoed by a criminal brain injury specialist that I took with me.
David Apparicio as the creator and deliverer of the programme is an inspirational speaker and
this was witnessed at first hand by all the prisoners on the course who were totally engaged from day one, hour one”
Lord Gorell

“The Chrysalis Programme is without doubt the most impactful intervention I have ever encountered in the 23 years that I have worked in prisons.
It changes lives by challenging thought processes and by encouraging men to accept that committing crime is very often the result of poor thinking and lack of understanding of the consequences of crime.
I have seen people flourish and prosper during the course of the programme and go back into society with renewed passion for life and a desire to never commit crime again.
A must for all forward thinking custodial environments”
John McLaughlin, Director HMP Oakwood