Brewfitt Limited

About Us:
So you want to find out more about us? Let’s start with who we are.

We’re a family business based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and we’re at the forefront of innovation in dispense in the pub and bar industry.

Simply put, we help breweries and bars give a better experience to their customers and generate more revenue.

We do this through our vast range of bespoke and customised fonts, dispense accessories and our innovative dispense system: ‘Future of Dispense’ (FOD).

We are the main distributor of Celli – one of the world’s leading font designers and manufacturers. When bars, chains or breweries want something different, something to make them stand out and give their customers a better experience, they call Brewfitt.

From cellar to point of sale, we put your customers first – we’ve been in enough bars to know what customers want – but because we’re on your side we know what you need to make your customers happy, whether that’s keg couplers, branded lenses or a complete cellar system like FOD.

FOD not only gives you complete control over how your drinks are dispensed, it is proven to be the most efficient, cost effective and consistent delivery of draught products in the world today. Find out more HERE.

So, who are we?
We’re dispense innovators and experts – at least that’s what our clients say.
To find out more, give us a call on 01484 340800.