Big Hug Brewing

Big Hug came together with a passion to create the beers that we want to drink but to also be a part of the movement. To help drive craft beer forward, make a difference along the way and to take great, flavoursome beer to the masses.

Three people self funding we don’t own a brewery but that’s part of our story. That’s what makes us that little bit different. We spent months looking for the right location that would give us all that we needed plus the opportunity to expand but we just couldn’t find one.

So we are Hobo’s..a homeless brewery who work with some of the best in the business. People that we now call friends who have helped us develop and allowed us to use their experience, knowledge, facilities and time, coupled with our own unique recipes to bring you some great beers.

Since we formed in 2014 it was important for us to try and give a little something back, to develop a social conscience initiative(s) with the work that we do in selling and creating craft beer.
On launching we worked with an initiative to help save the rainforest but in 2016, having not been back to Brighton for 9 months, Matt was blown away by the increased numbers of homeless people on the street in Brighton and set up an initiative called Hugs4Snugs. It’s a simple concept but fits with our Hobo ethos and allows us to try and help homeless people on a local level to whoever we are working with.
A venue nominates a local homeless charity, we give the venue some free beer and anyone that donates an item of clothing, receives a free beer on us. Hugs4Snugs. Simple. The launch of OAPA has now given us the opportunity to formalise a relationship with a charity that we feel we have a natural synergy with and can hopefully help grow.

If you would be interested in running a Hugs4Snugs event please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.